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Meet The Coaches!

The Coaches: Welcome

Abdelrahman ElGendy

Founder and Executive Director

Power Mechanical Engineering, Ain Shams University

In addition to being a Pass A CELTA certified English instructor by Cambridge Assessment English, Abdelrahman currently pursues his Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing under the English department at the University of Pittsburgh!

He is also a bilingual writer at Newlines Magazine, TIMEP, Mada Masr, AlManassa, Raseef 22, and Daraj platforms.

Abdelrahman has finished the Public Narrative: Leadership, Storytelling, and Action program at Harvard Kennedy School, and is currently the head content writer and editor of the US-based NGO, the Leading Change Network!

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Nagwa Hossam

Education Manager

​Faculty of English Language, Literature & Simultaneous Interpretation - Al-Azhar University in Cairo

As a Cambridge certified teacher trainer and with an extensive experience as a senior English instructor, Nagwa oversees our education department—she manages The English Coach's instructional approaches, and works closely with our coaches to provide an excellent educational experience for our students!

Nagwa has an impressive skill set and training, she holds a Diploma in Theory and Methodology of TESOL from

Notting Hill College, a Manage as a Coach certificate by California University, and through Arizona University's coursera programs she's certified in Theories of Second Language Acquisition; Second Language Listening,

Speaking, and Pronunciation; Second Language Reading,

Writing, and Grammar; and Lesson Design and Assessment!

In addition to her position, Nagwa takes part in various activities: she was a moderator in Juniors Committee at MOIC, head of Public Relations Committee in Cairo University Runners, and a host and interpreter for the International Conference for Faculty of Nursing- Banha University!

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Yousef Ayman

Operations Manager

Faculty of Law, Cairo University

Youssef has a wide experience in operations management: he was a mentor in Concentrix and a branch manager in various language centers.

A former team leader in Jumia, he is certified as a UX designer to  detect customers' needs and provide the best possible customer experience!


Salma ElFeqqi

Senior Coach

Faculty of Foreign Languages and Translation, Misr University for Science and Technology

Master's candidate, Faculty of Arts, English Department, Port Said University

Certified from Arizona State University in Professional development for teacher trainers

As a Cambridge certified teacher trainer and RELO mentor trainer, Salma is The English Coach's senior coach, training and mentoring our great coaches towards higher levels of excellence!

Salma is also a Nile TESOL Professional Writing Special Interest Group Steering Member, and an English Instructor at Ahram Canadian University and The American University in Cairo, SCE!

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Mohamed ElMashad


Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University

Masters in International Relations, Webster University, USA

Mohamed is an amazing English coach, with a vast life experience gained from travelling to study for and obtain his Masters degree in International Relations from Webster university at the USA, where he was also a student office assistant!

Even before that, he was actively working with multiple student activities, such as AIESEC and EBSM!

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Habiba Tarek


Faculty of Clinical Pharmacy, Cairo University

Coaching is not only a job for Habiba; she also volunteered in a tutoring program for subjects such as English, General Science, AP Geometry, and AP Algebra.

In addition to being an English coach, Habiba is also very active on many fronts: she was a delagate at UNODC, a director at UNESCO, and a director at the Junior's conference, all in ALMUN student activity.

She was also a team presenter at the CIT Nutrition workshop, and a visual creations member at PhAI schools!

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Azza ElHousseiny


Faculty of Arts, Benha University

In addition to being a TESOL certified English instructor who has taught diverse backgrounds and nationalities, Azza is also a member in SYS activity, and an active volunteer at Resala charity!


Nourhan Salah

Faculty of Languages, MSA University

In addition to her work as an English coach, Nourhan was an organizing member at MUN!

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Hisham Abdulhakim


Alexandria higher institute of Engineering

Hisham is one of our greatest coaches, who was an English language and skills trainer at English Club, Alexandria University, at California Activity Club (CAC), and at Alexandria higher institute of Engineering and Technology, in addition to being an English translator at TED — but he's not only that!

He was a capacity building staff member in Alexandria Model European Union, at which he was a delegate as well, and also participated in the "Annual Basic Clinical Skills" program at Alexandria faculty of medicine!

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Aya Helmy


Faculty of Al-Alsun, English department, Ain Shams University

Aya is not just an excellent English coach, but she does an impressive set of activities on various fronts too!

She had a variety of roles in PR committees at Ain Shams university, such as being a PR vice head of the Development and Awareness team at the faculty of science, and a PR member at both AIBE and IEEE student activities, in addition to being PR head at Neat Nature!

Still at Ain Shams university, she also worked as a training facilitator at Min Agl Masr, and was a member of the scientific committee in the students’ union of the faculty of Al-Alsun.

Not just that, but she also was an organizer at Cairo International Book Fair; delegate at MUNHU, ECOSOC Council, UNICEF office; public officer at Launch X, an online entrepreneurship campus held by MIT university for young entrepreneurs; and a supervisor at the World Earth Day event at the Greek campus in 2019!

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Mohamed Abdelnaser


Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine, Alexandria University

Mohamed is extremely active in English-related fields: he was an English coach in Alexandra English Club, a co-founder of English Wolves, a weekly event for English practice, and an academic committee member in California Activity Club!

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Maryam Monsef


Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine, Minia University

Maryam is not only a great English coach, she has also taken part in a variety of activities: she was a team leader at AIESEC Minya IGV and OGV, and AIESEC Egypt ECB member, a main stage presenter at Enactus Minia, and a board member at Nour Bokra initiative for educating underprivileged children on both a personal and an academic level!

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Alaa ElKordie


Faculty of commerce, English section, Ain Shams University

In addition to being an English coach, Alaa takes part in many student activities, for example, she was a member of the Auditing and Finance counsel at Comet 2017, and also an Economic and Social counsel member at ASMUN 2016!

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Ragaa Ehab


Faculty of Al-Alsun, Ain Shams University

Ragaa is not just an English coach, she also speaks Japanese!

In 2018, she was awarded a scholarship to Ritsumeikan University in Japan, and continues to be a Japanese interpreter, and an Arabic teacher for Japanese people!

Not only that; she also volunteers at Revive Palestine NGO as an English instructor, working with Palestinian high school seniors!

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Omaima Khaled


Faculty of Languages, Literature and Simultaneous Interpretation – Al-Azhar University

Master's Candidate in English Literature at the faculty of Arts, Port Said University

Omaima is one of our amazing English instructors, who is active on many different fronts: she was a member in the English team at Spread Your Skills (SYS) student activity, and an English instructor for the Speak Up project on the same activity!

Omaima was also the recipient of SUSI, a scholarship sponsored by the U.S Department for student leaders, for the program of Religious Pluralism!

She is also an avid reader, having her own YouTube channel, Midhallah (the Arabic word for umbrella), on which she posts videos on reading and does great book reviews in an attempt to spread knowledge! 

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Nermine Hanafi


Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University

Nermine is not only a brilliant English coach; she is also the head of content creation in a digital marketing and advertising company, in addition to having been an executive director in fer’et Ali Quandil theatre troupe!

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Toqa Fahmy


Faculty of Languages, Ain Shams University

In addition to being an amazing English coach, Toqa uses her skills to volunteer at Resala Charity to teach English to kids—she is also an Arabic tutor to non-native Arabic speakers!

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Dalia Tork


Faculty of Arts, English and Literature Department, Ain Shams University

Dalia is a seasoned English instructor with remarkable academic excellence, currently pursuing an MA in the field in addition to having a TEFL diploma from MODLI and TKT Module 1 from the British Council.

She also has great experience as a researcher and translator, with a translation and interpreting diploma from the AUC, in addition to a variety of conferences on the table such as “Ideology, Ethics and Aesthetics”. She was an organizing committee member on other conferences like the “Translating culture: Theory and practices” conference in 2019!

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Menna Hefny


Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University

Menna does not excel only as an English coach—she is a remarkable achiever on many fronts!

After vigorous competition, she was awarded an Orascom Construction Group scholarship to become an exchange student at the University of Chicago, USA, for one academic year, where she also actively participated in the Catcher in the Rhyme student activity.

Menna has also been on various social media, marketing and newsletters committees for entities such as K Vector, Earthians, Et3lmo Eshara, and the Model of Egyptian Stock Exchange.

As a volunteer, she worked at Mashroo3 Matar, taking the role of converting word texts into audio files and PDF formats suitable for the use of visually-impaired persons.

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Zeinab Hussein


Faculty of Languages, MSA University

Zeinab has vast experience and incredible skills in the English teaching field, bringing 5 years of college-level teaching experience as a lecturer assistant at MSA university!

Majoring in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), she specializes in Academic Writing, and has taught at different schools such as Dar ElTarbiah and Nefertari International School.

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Kholoud Mansour


Bachelor and Masters degrees, Faculty of Arts, English Department, Cairo University

PhD Candidate, Faculty of Arts, English Department, Cairo University

In addition to being a brilliant English coach and a lecturer assistant at the faculty of languages, MSA university, Kholoud has a remarkable path of academic excellence: she holds a masters degree and currently pursues a PhD in the profession. Not only that, but she also takes part in many conferences—she participated in Ain Shames University's Conference 2019 entitled "Arab Societies from Utopia to Dystopia: What Went Wrong?", where she also published a research paper; and in the same year, she was a part of "What Do You Consider Yourself? When Ethnicity Becomes an Important Identity" conference at Alexandria University. Kholoud also led an important presentation at the MSA University Third Annual International Conference in Higher Education in collaboration with the University of Greenwich!

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Jana Mogahed


Faculty of Dentistry

Jana has experience in English teaching assistance and creative writing at Milkyway Magazine. Highly organized due to the several student activities she had taken part in as a Coordination member in the Organising Committee of MESMUN and Fundraising Committee in TedX@ABIS. Besides that, she has worked with iSpark Egypt as a Sales and Marketing Representative. Currently, She is a PR member in Egyptian Association of Dental Students and a Presenter in Enactus ASU. She has been playing Tennis for over 10 years and that is how she keeps myself fit and active!


Mariam Sayed 

Faculty of Al-Alsun, Ain Shams University 

Bachelor degree and a diploma in Written Translation from and into English,  

She holds a TESOL Diploma attested by Notting Hill College, UK; she has been an English teacher and instructor for more than 2 years. 

Maryam has impressive presentation skills, she was  the team leader of the presentation team and the lead script writer in ENACTUS ASU, leading the team to win 2nd place in the national competition.  Also, she was the director of the Model of Arab League in ASMAL (Ain Shams Model of Arab League)

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Furqan Tarek 


A graduate of Faculty of Languages and Translation, Simultaneous
Interpretation Department,Al-Azhar University. she is now studying for an MA in linguistics.

Since she was a kid, she had a passion for languages, particularly English, and teaching.
She loves her job because she enjoys meeting new people from different backgrounds so
she could inspire and get inspired by them.
She graduated from the Back in college, she joined SYS as a member of the English Team Committee as a member
and a head in the following year. She also joined the NileTESOL conference of 2020 as a
She’s excited to meet you to start the language learning journey together.

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Rawan Magdy


with a great passion for languages , Rawan mastered
the speaking of English at her youngest age , she
was 11 when she learned it all by herself . with time
that passion grew enough to be turned into a career ,
and we quote her “ I found my greatest purpose in
life when I became an English teacher“ . she has a
plan to influence all kind of humans who might ever
cross her path , during her college years she
translated over 1500 historical document , .
within a decent amount of time , she has passed on
her English knowledge to a great deal of students .
Rawan found her forever love in English.
Be sure that this will happen to you too

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