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Frequently Asked Questions

Information: FAQ

Are there private courses?

At The English Coach, all of our courses are private.
We do not offer group courses. Each student has a different level, different commitment, and different progress rate.
A private course is the only way we can guarantee the quality and customization of each course to the student's needs and learning objectives.

Do you have a location?

The English Coach is an online platform—we only offer online courses.

How does the course look like?

At The English Coach, we are coaches, not teachers. We offer a unique experience in our courses.
This is why we offer a free intro session where a coach introduces you to our course, our methodologies, our follow up system, and answers all your questions.
Apply now and book your free intro session to get a detailed tour of the course.

What are the costs?

You can send a message to get all the details of The English Coach's courses, here or on our Facebook page.
You can also click on "Apply now!", and find all the fees written beside each course on the application form.

When can I start?

You can start as soon as you finish the free intro session, and decide that you want to continue the course. 
One of The English Coach's team members will take you through the process until you start!

How can I apply?

You first fill the application form by pressing Apply now! button.
You can also send a message here or on the Facebook page to receive all the details and the link to the application form.
After that, a team member from The English Coach will contact you shortly to schedule the free intro session and tell you its details.
After the session you will decide if you want to continue the course. All details concerning schedule and payments will be finalized with you by a member of our team then.

Are there specific days for the course?

No. Our schedule is  flexible. We ask you about your open time slots, and assign you to a coach with open slots convenient for your schedule. You will never be forced to take the course on days or times that do not fit you.

Information: FAQ
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